Indicator 12: Percent of children referred by Part C prior to age 3, who are found eligible for Part B, and who have an IEP developed and implemented by their third birthdays.

The New Hampshire Department of Education State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report


PTAN works collaboratively with RACE 2K, a project of the Parent Information Center to support the NH Department of Educations’ efforts to address Indicator 12.


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FY’14 Memo #29: SPP/APR Timeliness of Early Transitions 2013-2014
FY’10 Memo #11: SPP/APR Timeliness of Early Transitions 2008-2009


Helpful Resources

Who’s Doing What in Early Childhood Transitions: A Training for Professionals
The Parent Information Center and SSECT (now known as Race 2K) created an interactive, self-contained, on-line training module regarding the transition from ESS for new and existing ESS staff and special education personnel. This training relates directly to a need identified from the field through the SSECT Advisory Board (a multi-stakeholder group which included families). This on-line module contains the family perspective and includes the major activities of the transition process. Interactive components such as videos from the family and professional perspective and journaling are used as training tools as well. Additionally, the training module includes information on the regional Interagency Agreements and resources. The module has a printable staff development certificate and on-line training evaluation.  View the module here.



Transition From Family-Centered Early Supports and Services: A Guide for Families and Staff (Spring 2011)
The purpose of this guide is to help families and professionals understand their roles and responsibilities in the transition process. It also includes a Transition Dictionary to clarify the language used during the transition process and to encourage clear communication among all team members.  Transition Guide from Family-Centered ESS


New CONNECT Video on Early Childhood Transition
CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge has released an 8-minute video entitled Foundations of Transition for Young Children, which focuses on what teachers and families need to know to help young children transition smoothly from one early childhood program or service to another, the legal requirements to support transition and the characteristics of effective transition practices. This 8-minute video is available at here.

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