“The State Leadership Team (SLT) is a group (this may be an already-existing group) of state-level people who decide to form a collaborative, cross-agency team to develop policies, procedures, resources, and other mechanisms to plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain a professional-development (PD) system that supports the high-fidelity use of Recommended Practices statewide.

The primary goal of the SLT is to ensure structures and resources are available to programs so that they are able to adopt the use of targeted Recommended Practices with fidelity. These structures include training, coaching, data systems, demonstration programs, and the necessary financial and technical assistance.

See State Benchmarks of Quality (Appendix A) for the specifics of this infrastructure. The ECTA Center state leadership team technical assistance staff works with the State Leadership Team and Coordinator to support their progress through the implementation stages and establishing the structures.”

[From the Planning Guide to Statewide Implementation, Scale-up, and Sustainability of Recommended Practices – RP2: Reaching Potentials through Recommended Practices]

State Leadership Team (SLT) Documents

SLT Members Contact Information (10.15.15)
SLT Ground Rules
FY’15 Meetings/Trainings Timeline
State Benchmarks of Quality Template

Benchmarks of Quality 12/17/14

Benchmarks of Quality 12/16/15


Final report submitted to the Spark NH Workforce and Professional Development Committee 7/11/15

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Monthly Meeting Notes

Year 1:  6.26.14     8.15.14     9.22.14    10.22.14    11.19.14     2.25.15     3.25.15     4.22.15     5.6.15   6.3.15 and small group notes

Year 2:  7.22.15  8.26.15  10.28.15  12.16.15  1.27.16  2.17.16  3.23.16  4.27.16  5.25.16  6.22.16