iSocial is name used to reflect the unique work of the NH DOE SSIP.  It is hoped that as time goes on, the iSocial work will scale-up to other districts and be sustained beyond the life of the current SSIP.  iSocial is short for Improving Social Emotional Outcomes for Preschool Children with Disabilities.

SSIP Evaluation Overview

The main purpose of the SSIP Evaluation is to assess the capacity of state and local infrastructures to promote and sustain positive social emotional skills (including social relationships) for preschool children with disabilities.  State and local infrastructures that are robust, intentional, and collaborative will provide the supportive environment needed for practitioners to successfully implement evidence-based practices which result in increased positive social and emotional outcomes for preschool children.  Click HERE to download document

10-13-16 Meeting Notes

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NASDSE Leading by Convening Book: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement

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