PTAN Child Care Inclusion Project

The PTAN Child Care Inclusion Project is a comprehensive statewide program that offers:

  • Free and equitable access to consultation and training for NH child care programs;
  • Short- and long-term consultation and technical assistance to support a program’s efforts to maintain children with challenging behaviors and other special needs;
  • On-going, program improvement consultation and training to increase capacity of child care programs for parents of children with special needs;
  • Regional, community and program-specific trainings that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to successful child care inclusion.

PTAN services and supports for NH child care providers are grounded in the belief that:

  1. Children are capable individuals.
  2. Behavior is a form of communication.
  3. Describing behaviors and feelings is a more effective support to children than labeling them.
  4. It is the teacher’s role and responsibility to teach children positive (pro-) social skills.
  5. Time out is not an effective behavior management strategy because it doesn’t teach children pro-social skills.
  6. Change in child behavior depends on change in the teacher’s behavior.
  7. PTAN Child Care Inclusion Consultants model respect and active listening in all interactions.
  8. Reflective consultation is a form of professional development that has direct, positive impact on children’s behaviors.
  9. Consultation is most effective when it is requested not mandated.
  10. Establishing a strong consultative relationship with teachers and administrators is key to having a positive impact on children’s behaviors.

Maintaining children with special needs in their child care setting benefits children, parents, providers and the community at-large; children are spared the trauma associated with expulsion, parents are secure in their child’s placement and able to focus on their workplace responsibilities and providers feel more confident and competent, decreasing the likelihood of provider turnover.


Information about the PTAN Child Care Inclusion Program
PTAN Child Care Inclusion Project Brochure
 PTAN CCI Project Flyer

FY’13 PTAN Child Care Inclusion Project Final Report

Resources for PTAN Child Care Consultants
Consultants’ Monthly Report

Consultants’ Monthly Bill

Ages and Stages Questionnaires – Child Development (4 months-60 months)
Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional (6 months-60 months)

NH Early Childhood Professional Development System (Credential Manual)

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PTAN gratefully acknowledges the support of its funders: NHDOE Bureau of Special Education, the NHDHHS
Child Development Bureau and over 40 School Districts statewide.